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TI2012: 3rd International Conference on Turbulence and Interactions


11th June – 14th June, 2012 – La Saline-les-Bains, Réunion Island


The TI Series of conferences :

  • TI2006, Porquerolles, France (web site)

  • TI2009, Sainte Luce, Martinique, France (web site)

  • TI2012, La Saline les Bains, La Reunion, France




The first and the second conferences on "Turbulence and Interactions“  TI2006 and TI2009 were unique events as they allowed to gather together many firms, institutions and universities concerned with turbulence research in a single spot. As the title “Turbulence and Interactions” anticipated, the workshop was not run on the basis of parallel sessions but instead in serial sessions where people had strong interactions and sharings. 
The TI2012 Conference, the third one of a series, participates to the same philosophy, with emphasis in providing strong evidence that the triptych of science, namely theory, experiments and computing, through their interplay come to achieving progress in understanding and predicting the physics of complex flows and engineering problems. Contributions will give some deep insight into the very different interaction phenomena with turbulence.